Copy of How to properly use a sugar scrub.

STEP #1: Start With Freshly Cleansed Skin 

Before you begin using your sugar scrub, it’s best to cleanse your skin with a gentle face wash/body wash to remove any makeup, dirt and impurities from its surface. 

STEP #2: Gently Massage in Circular Motions 

To start exfoliating, scoop out enough product to fill the center of the palm of your hand. Then, massage the sugar scrub onto your skin in gentle circular motions — the key word here is gentle. You don’t ever want to press too hard, as you could end up irritating your skin. 

STEP #3: Rinse Well and Pat Dry 

Once you’ve thoroughly exfoliated your face, rinse the sugar scrub away with lukewarm water and pat your face almost completely dry with a soft towel. 


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